One season I worked hauling telephone poles up the mountain.  It was hard, grueling labor.  The day all the men went to be paid, I received 1/3 less payment than the others, even though I had made the same quota they did.  I had nowhere to turn or way to claim the money I had rightfully earned.   -boy, 17

 I moved into the city to study secondary school.  I lived with my aunt and her husband.  But after awhile what was supposed to be a safe place was not.  My uncle came in the nights to take advantage of me.  He said it was because I owed him money for my room and board.  I had no one to turn to, no extra money to move out on my own.  I didn’t have my parents to help.  I don’t want this to happen to any other girl. -girl, 14

I found a job caring for the elderly in an apartment; I received room and board and all my money could go to my studies.  Then on day the bosses told me they closed the facility and moved the patients.  I was out on the streets with no food or even bus fare to return home to my community and my family. -girl, 16